What's the Best Way to Compare Cellphone Plans?

The most effective way to compare cellphone plans is to decide on the plan's necessary features and enter that information in cellphone plan comparison tool. Comparison tools are available on WhistleOut.com and WireFly.com, as of 2015.

The first step is to decide between an individual plan or a family plan. In family plans, multiple people share the plan's features. Family plans are usually less expensive per line than multiple individual plans.

Next, identify the key feature required and how much of those features you need. Features include minutes, messages and data. Carriers typically allow the customer to choose necessary features separately, although they may also offer plans that bundle features together for a lower cost. Often, the best deal is a plan that has exactly what you need so that you don't pay extra for unused features or go over your limit and pay overage charges.

If you want a specific phone, check which carrier offer it. Some phones aren't available on certain carriers. Also check that the carrier covers your area, as coverage varies by carrier.

WhistleOut.com and WireFly.com both have comparison tools that let the customer set necessary features and compare plans based on those features. Both tools can compare plans that are compatible with specific phones.