What Are Some Free Russian TV Channels?

What Are Some Free Russian TV Channels?

Free Russian TV channels include TBN Rodnoy, CNL Russia, TV3 Russia, Russia Today and Karusel TV, as of 2016. Other free-to-air Russian channels include RBC TV, Shanson TV, Music Box Russia, RTR Planeta and TNT TV.

RBC TV is a business television channel launched in 2003. The channel covers national and international economic and financial events. The channel features news reports, in-depth analyses, commentaries and topical programs. RBC TV operates remote studios in Moscow and St. Petersburg, and it broadcasts throughout Russia. The channel is accessible through cable, satellite and Internet platforms.

TBN Rodnoy is public television channel available on Galaxy 19 and Galaxy 23 satellites in North America. With Christian programming, the channel caters to the Russian-speaking population in the United States. The channel airs talk shows, movies, news and lifestyle shows.

Karusel TV offers informative and entertainment programs for children and young people. The channel features educational shows, cartoons and game shows. Karusel TV started its broadcast on Dec. 27, 2010 and is available free of charge through satellite TV providers.

TV3 Russia is a free-to-air television network offering entertainment programming. The channel airs shows such as "The X-Files," "Chelovek Nevidimka," "Gadalka," "Tainy Gorodov" and "Tainye Znaki."

CNL Russia provides Christian programming, featuring educational and evangelistic shows.