How Do You Run Windows on a Mac?

How Do You Run Windows on a Mac?

Run a Windows operating system on a Mac computer by using a utility called Boot Camp that is built into all Macs. You can have both Windows and OS X operating systems on your Mac at the same time, and even switch back and forth each time you boot up your computer.

  1. Install Bootcamp

    Update your system to the latest version of OS X before installing Bootcamp. Be sure to back up any important files so that you are protected if something goes wrong during installation.

  2. Install Windows

    Download your chosen version of Windows, or install it from software placed in the optical drive. Bootcamp automatically partitions off a part of the hard drive for Windows installation. Do not try to do this yourself, and be aware that Apple does not provide technical support for installing, using or recovering Microsoft Windows.

  3. Choose a default operating system

    Go to the Startup Disk control panel in Windows or OS X, depending on which operating system you want to choose as your default system.

  4. Select an operating system at startup

    Push and hold the Alt key when your computer starts up to choose between Windows or OS X. You must restart your system and follow this step every time you want to switch between operating systems.