How Do You Run a Spell Check in Microsoft Word?


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To run a spell check in Microsoft Word 2007 or some newer versions, open a document, and click on the Review tab in the main navigation bar to access the Spelling & Grammar button. Alternatively, click on the document, and press the F7 key. If Microsoft Word detects spelling errors, the Spelling and Grammar pane should appear and offer multiple choices for correcting each spelling error.

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After reviewing the spelling errors, click on the OK button in the dialog box that appears. When correcting spelling errors, select the appropriate spelling option, and click Change. If there are multiple instances of the same spelling error in the document, click Change All. If Microsoft Word detects a spelling error that you don’t want to correct, select the Ignore option. If the program offers no suggestion, highlight the misspelled word to correct it manually.

If you set up Microsoft Word to automatically check for spelling errors as you type, right-click on a word with a wavy line underneath it. Then, select the correct spelling option from the context menu. To enable this functionality, click on the File button, and click on Options to access the Proofing section.

Check the box next to the Check Spelling As You Type option, and click OK. If you don’t want Microsoft Word to detect an acronym or a stylized spelling choice as a spelling error in future documents, select that word before clicking on the Add button in the Spelling dialog box.

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