How Do You Run PC TuneUp Maestro?

How Do You Run PC TuneUp Maestro?

Run PC TuneUp Maestro by downloading and installing the program, then launching it to access the control panel. From this page, choose to perform a System Registry Scan and Clean, Registry Defragmentation or Performance Optimization in an attempt to increase the overall performance and speed of the computer.

After performing the software installation, running PC TuneUp Maestro prompts you to choose from the three available performance improvement options, all of which involve scanning the computer for potential issues and automatically performing changes to the system to resolve them.

The first option is the System Registry Scan and Clean, which checks all entries in the computer's registry looking for errors or inconsistencies. The registry on a Windows computer is an area of the operating system that contains numerous files responsible for controlling the major actions and functions of the computer. This option typically repairs registry issues by deleting unnecessary or damaged files.

The second option is Registry Defragmentation, which is a process that involves cataloging all the important processing files of the operating system and then rearranging them in a more logical fashion. By grouping similar files in the same location, the computer spends less processing power searching for the files, and thus increases its performance.

The final option is Performance Optimization, which covers all remaining aspects of the computer. This may include deleting broken shortcuts, clearing out browser history and changing different system options to allow for better speed.