How Do You Run a Multiple Regression in Excel?

How Do You Run a Multiple Regression in Excel?

Run a multiple regression in Microsoft Excel with an add-in called Analysis ToolPak, specifically the add-in's regression option. Input the data, and follow a series of click-through options, making the multiple regression process and provide accurate results for the data.

  1. Input all relevant data into Excel

    Input a heading for the first column, and input all relevant data below that heading. Input the data's dependent variable in either the first or last column beneath the heading. Use consecutive columns for data containing independent variables.

  2. Install Analysis ToolPak

    Navigate to the Excel Options selection in Excel's File menu. Select Add-Ins in the box that appears. Select Analysis ToolPak, and click Go to install the add-in.

  3. Set up the regression

    Navigate to the Data tab in Excel, and go to either the Analysis group or the Data Analysis group. In the group Regression dialog box, navigate to the Input section, and enter the cell range of the dependent variable in the "y" range field. Enter the cell range of the independent variable in the "x" range field. If the data sheet contains headings rather than data in the first row, click the Labels box.

  4. Output the results

    Navigate to the Output Options section, and enter a data range in the input field. To display the results in a new worksheet of the same book, select the New Worksheet Ply radio button. To display the results in an entirely new file, select the New Workbook button. Configure selections in the Residuals section to manipulate the way in which the tool displays the results. Click OK to output the results.