How Do You Run an Internet Speed Test at PC Pitstop?

How Do You Run an Internet Speed Test at PC Pitstop?

Run an Internet speed scan at by using the free Internet Speed Test tool. The tool is available under Free Scans on the banner at the top of the page.

The website offers four different servers to which users connect and test Internet speed. Choose the closest one to your location for optimal results. After choosing a server, the website begins the test automatically and returns results for download speed, upload speed, latency and jitter.

Download and upload speeds are the speeds at which a computer receives data from and sends data to a remote server. PC Pitstop displays the speeds in both Mbps and Kbps formats. Because Mbps stands for Megabits per second and not Megabytes per second, the two values may seem unrelated. Divide the Mbps value by eight to see the result as Megabytes per second, or MBps. This is because a byte consists of eight bits.

Latency is the delay that takes place when sending and receiving data over the Internet. A lower value indicates a better connection. Factors that influence latency include distance to the server, connection type and bandwidth.

Jitter is the packet delay variation that occurs between data packets. When computers communicate over a network, they transfer data to one another by sending packets. When a network is busy, the packets may take different amounts of time to arrive at the receiving computer. The difference between these times is jitter. A lower value indicates a better communication between the computers.