What Are Some of the Rumors That Spread About IPhones?


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Rumors that spread about iPhones involve changes in the design of the upcoming model of the phone and the launch of a new iOS version for the upcoming iPhone, notes CNET. Another rumor includes improvements in the camera's high-resolution capabilities, explains ZDNET.

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The majority sentiment of technology news outlets ZDNET and CNET is that rumors often spread about a new iPhone model until Apple announces the features of its new device. One speculation involves a design change for the iPhone. Industry insiders often conclude that the design change involves a bigger battery or a larger-sized phone, notes CNET. Some of the rumors come to light as truth while many fail as mere speculation.

As of 2015, rumors technology sites speculate that consumers can expect to see the return of the 4-inch model of the iPhone, according to CNET. CNET advises that these rumors predict that this 4-inch model is actually the upcoming iPhone 6c. Other rumors claim that consumers can expect to see the new iPhone 6s and 6s Plus void of a SIM card, according to ZDNET. Instead, consumers may expect a new standard called e-Sim.

Another rumor involves Apple dropping the 16-gigabyte storage option and increasing options to 32-gigabyte, 64-gigabyte and 128-gigabyte, notes ZDNET. Finally, rumors also exist about an improved 12-megapixel camera, as well as the phone handling 4k video.

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