What Are the Rules for Managing Email in Microsoft Outlook?


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A computer user can manage email in Microsoft Outlook by creating rules that specify actions Outlook should take when an email message is sent or received. For example, a user can create a rule that saves messages from a particular sender in a specified folder.

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In Outlook, a rule is an action the program takes under certain conditions. The user creating the rule sets the conditions and selects the action to take. Frequently created rules are those that help users stay organized by flagging messages for follow-up and organizing messages so they are easy to find. Rules also help users stay up to date by displaying notifications when certain types of messages are received, such as those with a specified word or phrase in the Subject line. Following this type of rule, Outlook can send an alert to a user's mobile phone when a message from someone, such as a family member, is received.

Outlook lets users create rules from a template, from a message or from scratch. A template provides a basic rule that users customize as Outlook guides them through a sequence of steps. Users can also create a rule based on a stored message or one being composed. Finally, users can specify conditions, actions and exceptions to create a custom rule.

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