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RTP Play is an add-on that can be downloaded to smart TVs or set-top boxes that streams radio, television, sports and other entertainment from Portugal. Everything on the add-on is categorized according to its title and the type of program it is. To use RTP Play, the additional repository SuperRepo also needs to be downloaded and installed.

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RTP Play is used as an international add-on. An add-on is an additional program, such as Netflix or Hulu, that can provide another source of entertainment to the user. There are thousands of add-ons to choose from, many of which, like RTP Play, offer an opportunity to stream foreign channels.

The installation process for RTP Play is relatively simple. First, install a special repository program called SuperRepo. SuperRepo acts as a digital library and stores music, other add-ons and any other downloaded media. Download the SuperRepo program. Once installed, open up the SuperRepo program and scroll down to get to the add-ons link. Here the system will search out additional add-ons that the television can use. Once RTP Play is found, press the install button and wait for the system to finish. Then, simply open the RTP play button and begin to browse the available shows.

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