How Do You Round Numbers in Excel?

How Do You Round Numbers in Excel?

Though there are several functions in Excel for rounding numbers, the ROUND function is the most basic and the most commonly used. Keep in mind that when using any rounding function, its result is always treated as rounded by any formulas that reference it and can potentially alter calculations.

  1. Type the start of the function in the cell of your choice

    Select a cell to display the rounded figure. If the cell is not empty, it must be cleared of its contents so that it can accept the necessary function. Once clear, type "=ROUND(".

  2. Input a number to round or a cell reference

    Type the number you would like to round as the first argument of the ROUND function. Alternatively, you can choose to round data from another part of your spreadsheet by entering a cell reference. Follow this first argument with a comma.

  3. Enter the number of digits to round the number to

    For the second argument, enter the number of digits to round the number up or down to. Then, close the function with a closed parenthesis. Use positive integers to round to a decimal place and negative integers to round a numbers place. For example, "=ROUND(123.456, 2)" outputs 123.46, whereas "=ROUND(123.456, -2)" outputs 100.