What Does Romance Scammer Look Like?

Online romance scammers commonly demonstrate certain telltale signs, including requests to move off of a dating site, poor grammar and excuses for not being able to meet up. Recognizing these signs can help spot a scammer and avoid further deception.

Most online dating sites moderate user messages and can kick off members who behave inappropriately, so scammers often suggest moving the conversation to personal emails or text messages. While this is also a common practice with individuals who aren’t running scams, be on the lookout if it comes along with other warning signs.

Poor grammar and spelling are other signs of a possible scammer. Many scammers are from other countries, and English is not their first language. Someone who claims to be college educated but can’t compose a grammatical sentence may be perpetrating a scam. Similarly, foreign scammers commonly make up excuses to avoid meeting up, because they are not actually in the countries where they claim to be.