What Are Robotic Arms?


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A robotic arm is a piece of equipment that is programmed to manipulate objects and function similar to the human arm. The robotic arm is used in several aspects of manufacturing. This piece of equipment is used to perform different functions that are too dangerous, too difficult or too tedious for a human. The automobile industry uses robotic arms for various tasks that include painting and welding parts.

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During the 1950s, a scientist named George Devol Jr. created the first robotic arm. The primary application for this arm was used in space exploration. However, the growth of industrialization witnessed an increase in the use of robotic arms on assembly lines in manufacturing and in the automotive industry. Robotic arms use joints, or hinges, that connect different segments of the arm. This feature improves movement, and allows the arm to bend and rotate. The end of the arm is called the end effector, and it is designed to perform various tasks that include painting, tightening screws and gripping objects similar to the way a hand does. Robotic arms have the ability to stay in a designated place, such as on an assembly line, or the equipment can be transported to different areas to perform a variety of tasks. This equipment is autonomous and designed with programs that allow the arm to function independently of human control.

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