Does Ripoff Report Do Any Fact Checking Before Posting Reports?


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Ripoff Report does not perform fact checking before posting consumers' reports. However, companies may pay a third-party arbitrator to research the claims, which Ripoff Report can then use to redact incorrect facts from a post.

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According to the FAQ section of RipoffReport.com, Ripoff Report states that "it will not edit, censor, or manipulate your Ripoff Report in any way." However, the section goes on to explain that the company may delete profanity, or repetitive information in a title that appears to be a mistake.

If a company hires a third-party arbitrator to establish a statement of facts, it can then provide this statement to Ripoff Report. Ripoff Report then uses the information to redact untruthful statements from a post, but leaves everything else intact, according to Forbes.com.

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