How Do You Rip a DVD to a Computer?

To rip the content from a DVD that doesn’t have copy protection, download and install a DVD-ripping program that offers video conversion functionality, such as HandBrake. Once you run the software, modify the source settings, initiate the ripping process, and wait for HandBrake to convert the content.

  1. Download and install HandBrake

    Use your Web browser to navigate to the HandBrake home page, and click on the download link that corresponds to your operating system. Once the download is complete, double-click on the executable file, and follow the installation wizard instructions to complete the process.

  2. Modify the source settings

    Put in the DVD you want to rip into your optical drive, and run HandBrake. Click on the Source button in the top left corner, and use the navigation bar on the left side to find your DVD drive. Double-click on the DVD drive, select the VIDEO_TS folder, and click on Open.

  3. Set the destination folder

    Once you modify the source settings, use the window that pops up automatically to navigate to the location where you want the ripped content to be stored, and click on Save. If you choose to avoid setting the location manually, the software places the ripped content on the desktop by default.

  4. Rip the content

    Select one of the available output presets, such as Android Tablet or iPad, or modify the parameters in the Output Settings section to your liking. Once the output parameters are set, click on the Start button, and wait for the ripping process to complete.