How Do I Get Ringback Tones for My Cell Phone?

With most cell phone services, getting a ringback tone involves purchasing songs or sounds from the provider's music library and then adding the songs to a customer's account. Once in the account, specific songs or sounds can be designated as ringback tones or ringtones.

Ringback tones are music or sounds that play back to callers when they dial a particular number. Instead of hearing a ringing sound, callers hear the song or sound that has been programmed to answer incoming calls.

The specific process of getting ringback tones varies depending on the particular cell phone and phone service provider that is used. The ringback tones that are available depend on whether or not the cell phone-user is using special software or downloading tones from the Internet.

Many cell phone companies offer extensive music and sound libraries and contract with music services to provide customers with a large variety of ringtone options.

Most phone service providers have detailed instructions on their websites on how to purchase, download and set up ringback tones and ring tones. In most cases the process is easy and takes just a few seconds. Typically, music or sounds can be added or changed as often as desired.