What Is the Right Way to Start Using a Kindle?

What Is the Right Way to Start Using a Kindle?

Kindle owners can start using their devices by establishing an Internet connection, registering their devices and loading them with book titles. The Kindle offers users prompts to help them set up their devices properly.

Wi-Fi Kindle devices require a Wi-Fi network to connect to the Internet. When users turn on their Kindles, they see prompts to connect to available Wi-Fi connections. They can follow these prompts or connect to the Internet manually through the Wi-Fi Networks option in the Settings menu. 3G Kindle devices connect to 3G cellular networks automatically, but users can also choose to connect to available Wi-Fi networks.

Kindle users must register their devices before using them. They can do this by following the prompts that their Kindles give them upon the initial setup process. They can also choose to log in to their existing Amazon account or create a new one if they do not have an account.

Once their devices are connected and registered, users can purchase books through the Kindle Store. They can also download public domain books free of charge. The Kindle Store includes several free public domain eBooks, but users can also find titles on Project Gutenberg and the Internet Archive. They can download these to their computers in Kindle's mobipocket format and connect their devices to sync the files.

Amazon also lets Kindle users borrow books. Amazon Prime members can access one book per month in the Amazon Kindle Lending Library. Some public libraries lend eBooks in Kindle format, which is convenient for users who do not have Prime memberships.