How Do You Get Rid of VHS Tapes Properly?

How Do You Get Rid of VHS Tapes Properly?

To get rid of VHS tapes properly, take the tapes to a recycling facility that deals with electronic waste or send them to a recycling charity such as Alternative Community Training or Green Disk. If recycling is not an option, try reusing old tapes for arts and crafts projects or donating them.

VHS tapes contain materials that may be hazardous to the environment. These materials do not break down quickly, which makes them slowly leech toxins and chemicals into the air and ground.

The first and ideal option for disposing of old VHS tapes is to find a local recycling program that can process them safely. To look up local centers that take electronic waste, search on a portal such as

Another good option for getting rid of VHS tapes is to donate them. If the movies are relatively rare, some libraries, archives or distributors may be interested in them. Local secondhand stores such as Goodwill may also take used tapes. However, always check beforehand to see if the tapes are wanted, as unwanted copies may end up in the trash.

Tapes can also make great craft supplies. Upcycle old tapes into useful pieces such as shelves, jewelry cases or tables.