How Do You Get Rid of Static on a Cordless Phone?

Use a dual-port filter, change the cordless channel and move the phone closer to the base to reduce static during a call. You can also install the base farther away from other electronics to prevent interference with your phone.

  1. Acquire a dual-port filter

    Contact your DSL company, and inquire about a dual-port filter for your phone. You can also purchase a dual-port filter online or at a local electronics store. The dual-port filter helps to prevent static and interference when you need to plug the phone into the same jack as the modem.

  2. Unplug the phone and modem

    Unplug the phone and modem from the wall jack. Keep the cables organized for quick re-installation.

  3. Install the dual-port filter

    Remove the dual-port filter from its packaging. Insert the jack into the wall port.

  4. Plug in the phone and modem

    Plug the phone cable into the phone port on the dual-port filter. Next, plug the modem cable into the second port.

  5. Change the channel

    Dial a number, and test the call quality. If you still experience static, locate the Channel or CHAN button on the phone. Press the button to change the channel, and listen for static. According to AT&T and Vtech, you may have to press the button more than once to clear the static.