How Do You Get Rid of Adware?

To get rid of adware, disconnect from the Internet, uninstall the infection, download antivirus software and scan the computer. This process takes an hour to complete.

  1. Disconnect from the Internet

    Close your Web browser and any open programs. Disconnect from the Internet manually by removing the cable from your computer and turning off the router, or disconnect digitally through the Network and Sharing Center.

  2. Uninstall the adware

    Go to the Control Panel, and click Add/Remove Programs. Search the list of programs for potential adware, and uninstall them.

  3. Download an antivirus program

    After uninstalling suspicious programs, or if you cannot remove the adware, reconnect to the Internet, and download an antivirus program.

  4. Run the program

    Make sure the antivirus program is up-to-date. Disconnect from the Internet, and run a full virus scan on your computer.

  5. Remove the infections

    Once the scan is complete, scroll through the list of potential infections, and remove any that you find questionable. Be alert for programs you did not install manually.

  6. Restart the computer

    Once you remove all the adware, reboot your computer. Connect to the Internet, and open your Web browser to make sure your programs are running normally. Run a second antivirus scan if signs of an infection persist.