What Is Rickey Stokes News?

Rickey Stokes News is a website that is dedicated to sharing the local news, weather and other happenings in the town of Dothan, Alabama. The website is named after and run by Rickey Stokes, a bondsman in Dothan.

The area of Dothan is served by a daily newspaper, the "Dothan Eagle" and a weekly newspaper, the "Dothan Progress." For those who desire more comprehensive and current coverage, however, they can go online to RickeyStokesNews. This website has the current weather and headlines on the main page. The headlines are listed in chronological order. Scrolling down the page, the articles go back for approximately two weeks.

In addition to the top headlines on the main page, visitors to the site can also access other information via the tabs across the top of the page. There are common topics normally found in newspapers such as classifieds, editorials, obituaries and sports. Other topics of interest to the community are schools, hunt 'n fish, storkline, special announcements, birthdays and anniversaries. The school tab has information such as homecoming dates, while on the hunt 'n fish tab one can find hunting or fishing tournament information. The storkline is a special place to announce newborn members of the community, and in the special announcements area one will find birthday wishes, lost pet announcements or community activities. Special birthdays or anniversaries are posted in the birthdays and anniversaries section.