Are Reviews of Sceptre Televisions Generally Positive?

reviews-sceptre-televisions-generally-positive Credit: OJO Images/OJO Images/Getty Images

The majority of consumer reviews for Sceptre televisions on are generally positive, although there are mediocre and negative reviews of the televisions as well. The reviews given to certain Sceptre models by the experts at PC Magazine have been mediocre to slightly above average.

Many reviewers on found the Sceptre X322BV 32-Inch LCD HDTV to be a good deal for the price. As of August 2015, the product has a 3.4 rating out of 5.0 from customers. Some customers noted that the picture on their televisions stopped working after a while, or never worked properly in the first place.

The PC Magazine editor rating given to the X322BV model was "fair." The review noted that it is inexpensive and has good noise reduction and film video processing but also pointed out that the model has terrible black levels, has a bare-bones feature set and is a power hog.