What Do Reviews Say About Moultrie Game Cameras?

What Do Reviews Say About Moultrie Game Cameras?

The 2015 Moultrie game cameras have received mixed to positive reviews from Trailcampro. Compliments and complaints vary between models, but a slow to average picture trigger and picture recovery times have been reported as well as great variance in picture quality.

The Moultrie M-990i Gen2's picture trigger time of 0.69 seconds is well above average, but its picture recovery time is average. The camera's pictures do not have perfect clarity, but the colors are reported to be excellent, especially the daytime colors.

The Moultrie M-880i Gen2 is similar to the M-990i in that it reportedly has a fast trigger time, average recovery time, decent picture clarity and excellent colors. The M-880i is noteworthy because it is said to have excellent battery life and above average night time picture quality.

The Moultrie M-880 Gen2 has been reported to have an average trigger time and average recovery time, but users report mixed daytime picture results despite the camera's excellent colors and contrast. Some blurring in night pictures is reported to be common, but the quality is still above average. The M-880 Gen2 is also reported to have excellent battery life.

The Moultrie M-550 Gen2 has a below average trigger and recovery time. The picture quality is also worse than the other 2015 models, especially with night pictures, which suffer from too much flash. This model is smaller and more affordable than the other models, which increases its ease of use.