What Do Reviews Say About Maxtor Eternal Hard Drives?


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Reviews of Maxtor external hard drives are generally positive, with many five-star and better than 90 percent ratings from PC Magazine, as of 2015. The positive reviews typically tout the large storage spaces available on the drive and small form factors of the enclosures, though some models receive only average reviews due to slow transfer speeds and uninspired designs.

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PC Magazine offers a selection of Maxtor external hard drive reviews that trend towards five stars and generally note the intuitive and professional software included with Maxtor products. The drives receive good ratings due to ample storage and quick access, though some individual models fall only on the average side with slow transfer speeds due to hardware-based encryption. In many cases, the exceptional protection of hardware-encrypted drives from Maxtor fails to overcome slower transfer speeds.

Maxtor external hard drive reviews also commonly tout the small form factor and simple connection and setup available on the units. Specialized business editions and FireWire editions from Maxtor also receive high reviews for their integration of features not commonly found on external hard drives. Maxtor’s generous warranty also appears prominently in reviews from trusted industry leaders, such as CNET, who regularly include support and service as key components of their ratings.

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