What Do Reviews Say About Kodak All-in-One Printers?


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Though some models are well received, the reviews for Kodak all-in-one printers on Amazon.com tend to be negative. Some people complain about unstable software and faulty hardware while others praise their ease of use.

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Users often praise Kodak's cheap ink, but they complain about the printers' rapid consumption of it. One EasyShare 5500 user reports a print depleting half his color ink cartridge. Another reviewer says he could only print 10 to 12 pages before the ink began to fade. Several reviewers also find that the printers do not recognize new ink cartridges, reporting them as empty and subsequently refusing to print pages.

Users also complain that Kodak's printer driver software uses considerable computer memory and that hardware issues require removing and reinserting the power cable. When the printer becomes unstable, the hassle of resetting the computer and reinserting both USB and power cables frustrates many users. Loud printing is another common complaint. The ESP 5250 model prints easily, but users dislike its raucous sound. Reviewers also criticize the printers for their poor build quality and complain that they often must reattach broken pieces.

Most reviews ascribe Kodak printer problems to their poor software, but there are exceptions. The Verite is Kodak's most celebrated all-in-one. The Verite has a small footprint, prints quickly, installs easily and has cheap ink cartridges. Some users, however, encounter issues when upgrading to Windows 10.

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