What Are Some Reviews of Metro PCS?


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A majority of reviews for Metro PCS tend to be negative but there are mixed and positive reviews as well. Reviewers on Consumer Affairs complain about signal problems, failure to call or receive calls, overcharged bills and interrupting upgrades, while there are positive reviews for price and customer service delivery.

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As of 2015, the reviews for Metro PCS on Consumer Affairs are mostly negative. Many reviewers complained of lack of signal in most homes. One reviewer mentioned that the service lacks enough signal towers to boost signal coverage. There are negative reviews for failure by Metro PCS to make or receive calls. Some reviewers mentioned dropping calls that fail on redial. Many reviewers complained of fading calls in the middle of conversations.

Several reviewers complained about overcharged bills and failure to refund unused service. One reviewer was displeased with monthly charges for unused phones amid weak signal coverage. Users complain of lack of automatic voice mail reset and slow response to online queries. Some reviewers mentioned constant network and mobile phone upgrades that interrupt signals and communication.

Several positive reviewers mentioned that Metro PCS is affordable and convenient for low income earners. Some reviewer mentioned that they find the signal powerful in their houses. There are positive reviews for customer service delivery. One reviewer mentioned fast replacement for faulty phones, while others mentioned the availability of an active live chat feature.

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