What Are Reviews Like for the Toshiba C55 Series Laptop?

What Are Reviews Like for the Toshiba C55 Series Laptop?

As of December 2015, the Toshiba C55 series laptop has received mostly positive reviews, with PC World calling the C55-C5240 the best performance laptop under $500. On Amazon.com, users indicate that the C55-C241 is a capable laptop for its price, especially with upgraded RAM. Some of the negative points point to weak construction and slow performance at certain tasks.

The PC World review indicates that the construction is poor in comparison to other laptops even at the same price range. The reviewer expresses concern that he might break it in half. However, he adds that it is a fairly attractive computer for having a price tag under $500.

Some reviewers on Amazon.com express disappointment that the laptop lacks a backlit keyboard and a 1080-pixel resolution screen. Several users have stated that the C55 is great for videogames. One reviewer notes that the screen is affected significantly by glare. Additionally the webcam is decent but not great, according to several reviews.

Some of the most negative reviews on Amazon.com indicate that the customer support from Toshiba is not great, particularly related to the warranty. Additionally, the poor build quality is a major issue for a few reviewers.

Overall the C55-C241 has earned a 3.7 out of five star average rating on Amazon.com. Most reviews agreed that the Toshiba C55 is one of the best possible choice for a laptop under $500.