Are the Reviews for Gigaset Tablets Generally Positive?

As of 2015, both models of Gigaset's tablets received average reviews of 3.5 out of 5 stars since their launch in 2013. These tablets did not see much of the American market, but many of the world-wide tech review websites provided their expert reviews naming it a mediocre, budget tablet.

Gigaset, a German cordless telephone company, presented two tablets to the market as the holiday season approached in 2013. The QV830 is an 8-inch tablet that was deemed a fantastic value due to its low price at the time of launch. However, compared to most other tablets on the market, it was much slower, provided a poorer resolution and had terrible speaker quality.

The ten-inch QV1030 was not 3G or 4GB compatible, had a relatively low screen resolution and took an extremely long time to charge. While there are plenty negative reviews on both of these devices, the five-star ratings did come in from time to time stating that the camera resolution was great at its time of release, both boasted long battery lives and the ability to record video in 1080p, allowing them to stand out from other budget devices at the time.