How Do You Do a Reverse Lookup on an IP Address?

How Do You Do a Reverse Lookup on an IP Address?

Use the MXToolBox SuperTool to reverse lookup an IP address. You only need a computer, a Web browser and the IP information to use the SuperTool.

  1. Open a browser

    Turn on the computer, and log in to your user account. Open the Web browser, and wait for the start page to load.

  2. Navigate to MXToolBox

    Type the MXToolBox address in the browser URL field. SuperTool is located on the homepage along with a description of what the tool does and how it works.

  3. Select Reverse Lookup

    Click the arrow on the orange MXLookup button to reveal a list of options. Choose Reverse Lookup from the list.

  4. Enter the IP address

    Enter the IP address in the text field. If you do not know the IP address, use the ping command in the Windows Command Prompt or the Mac Network Utility. Open Command Prompt, and type "ping (X)" without quotes and with (X) representing the Web address. Press Enter. Locate the IP address next to the website name. Copy it to the SuperTool. Open Network Utility, and select the Ping tab. Enter the website in the text field. Click Ping, and copy the IP address to the SuperTool.

  5. Click Reverse Lookup

    Click Reverse Lookup after entering the IP address. View the information in the new dialog box.