How Do You Retrieve Deleted Emails?


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To retrieve deleted emails, click on the folder in your email application marked "Trash" or "Deleted Items." Click in the check box next to the email(s) you want to retrieve, and choose the option that allows you to move emails to other folders.

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  1. Open your email application

    Activate your browser and go to your email application, if you are using a computer. Tap on your email icon if you are using a tablet or smartphone. Enter your username and password if prompted to do so.

  2. Visit the folder where your application keeps deleted messages

    Click or tap on the folder that stores your deleted messages. Choose the desired message(s) that you would like to move back to your inbox or to a different folder. Select as many messages as you would like to move to the same folder.

  3. Move your messages to the desired folder(s)

    Click or tap on Move once you have chosen the message that you want to restore. Choose the destination folder for the message from the popup list that appears. Click or tap OK if prompted to do so, and wait a few seconds for the messages to move. Click on the name of the folders where you sent the message to ensure that it's there.

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