What Retailers Sell Old Radios?

Online retailer websites, such as RadioAttic.com, AntiqueTubeRadio.com and RadioAge.com, sell antique and vintage radios. Radio Attic also lists sales events on its website, such as the Music City Vintage Radio Club swap meet. Sellers on eBay offer radios in a wide variety of models and years under the Vintage Radios category. Etsy shops, such as Rob's Antique Radios, also carry vintage units.

Antique radios are typically from years of manufacture prior to World War II. Floor model radios, from manufacturers such as Zenith, Crosley and General Electric, are free-standing furniture pieces with attractive wood exteriors. Battery eliminator radios, made by RCA, Freed and Ultrdyne, are small tabletop units with wavelength, detector, tuner and tickler knobs. Cathedral radios, from Philco, Sentinel and Montgomery Ward, are tabletop units made with wooden cases resembling a Gothic cathedral window. Standard radios, by brands such as Coronado, Radiola, and Aviation, were manufactured in the late 1930s, and feature polished wooden cases and a compact design.

After World War II, vintage radios feature transistors instead of tubes, allowing a much smaller unit. The first radios of this era resembled standard radios, but with bakelite or plastic cases. Portable radios, from brands such as Sony, Panasonic and General Electric, also became more popular. The smaller size also led to manufacturers creating novelty and collectible radios resembling bottles of soft drinks, cartoon characters and sports equipment.