What Are Some Retailers That Sell Geeky Gifts?

What Are Some Retailers That Sell Geeky Gifts?

Some retailers that sell geeky gifts are Think Geek, Uncommon Goods, Gadgets and Gear, Sharper Image and Scientifics Direct. These retailers have online stores, and they sell a variety of electronic gadgets, scientific toys, comic book- and popular culture-themed gifts, and much more as of 2015.

Think Geek specializes in geeky gifts. As of 2015, the online retailer offers "Star Wars"-themed toys, clothing, home decoration items and other gifts. It also carries all sorts of items with "Doctor Who," "Star Trek," "Game of Thrones" and other themes.

Uncommon Goods offers geeky gifts for the geek who has everything. Unique puzzles and decorations for the work desk, math-themed glass sets and lollipops designed to look like the planets in the solar system are some of the unique gifts offered by the retailer.

Gadgets and Gear offers a variety of high-tech gadgets and TV- and movie-themed gear, including "The Walking Dead," "Star Wars" and "Game of Thrones" items. Sharper Image also specializes in unique gifts such as electronic gadgets, unique home decorations, specialty kitchen items and more.

Scientifics Direct has ideal gifts for the science geek of any age. Mechanical kits, chemistry kits, microscopes, robotic kits and telescopes are just some of the items offered by Scientifics Direct.