What Are Some Retailers of Prepaid Wi-Fi?

What Are Some Retailers of Prepaid Wi-Fi?

Virgin Mobile USA, Walmart and Amazon.com are some retailers that sell prepaid Wi-Fi. VirginMobileUSA features the Netgear Mingle Mobile Hotspot for roughly $50 as of 2016.

Similar to many prepaid Wi-Fi devices, the Netgear Mingle Mobile Hotspot connects up to 10 wireless devices at a time, such as tablets, notebooks, cameras and phones. There are no contracts, no hidden fees and no overages. Data rates range from approximately $5 per day for 250MB of data to $25 per month for 1.5GB of data or $55 per month for 6GB of data.

The selection of prepaid Wi-Fi on Walmart.com includes several brands, such as Unimax, Huawei, T-Mobile and AT&T. Walmart.com also features Straight Talk Wireless prepaid Wi-Fi plans that are interchangeable with various brands of mobile devices and Straight Talk mobile hotspot e-cards for replenishing data as required.

The Unimax Wi-Fi mobile hotspot retails for about $30 as of 2016 and connects up to five mobile devices. Straight Talk Wireless data e-cards range from roughly $15 to $50 for 1GB to 5GB of data.

Verizon, Netgear, LG and Skyroam are some brands of prepaid Wi-Fi available on Amazon.com. Skyroam is formatted for global travel with no SIM card, five free day passes or unlimited data with 24-hour day passes for approximately $10 per day as of 2016. Skyroam Hotspot retails for about $125.