What Are Some Retailers That Offer Innova Scan Tools?

As of 2015, WalMart.com, Amazon.com and eBay.com all sell Innova scan tools. These tools are available in various models with different features, including the ability to test both foreign and domestic cars and backup battery memory.

WalMart.com has several Innova scan tools available including the Equus 3100 Innova CanOBD2. This tool helps to reveal why a vehicle's Check Engine light is on, and it works with vehicles from model year 1996 or later. It takes about 30 seconds to receive a result and the tool also suggests repairs depending on the code.

Amazon.com also has several Innova scan tools including the Innova 3160, which reads Check Engine light codes on GM, Chrysler, Ford, Honda and Toyota vehicles. This tools also provides live data, views, graphs and a OBD2 option to turn off the lights in the vehicle's cockpit. The tool has a USB cable that is usable with Windows, and it comes with a quick reference guide and storage pouch.

There are also many Innova scan tool models on eBay including the Equus Innova 3040 OBD2. This tool can decode all Check Engine light codes, and it has an English, French and Spanish interface. In addition to the ability to check codes, this model features an LED display and backlit screen, and it offers drive cycle verification and state emissions readiness checks.