What Are Some Retailers of Hardware Connectors and Pinouts?


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Hobbytronics.com, Keil.com and Moddiy.com are some of the retailers that deal in hardware connectors and pinouts. These retailers specialize in the sale of computer hardware and connectors of digital devices such as computers and smartphones.

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Hobby Tronics features USB Connector Pinouts that uses four shielded wires, two for power and two for differential data. The USB Connector Pinouts featured here supports four different data rates: low-speed, full-speed, high-speed and super speed. The speeds in these categories are 1.5 megabytes per second, 12 megabytes per second, 480 megabytes per second and 4800 megabytes per second respectively.

ARMKEIL offers Target Connectors that support various cable types. The ULINK2 provides five JTAG connectors which provide a narrow (2.00mm/0.079") pin spacing) 20-pin connector for ARM targets, a standard 20-pin connector for ARM targets, a 16-pin connector for Infineon OCDS (JTAG) targets, a 14-pin connector for STMicroelectronics µPSD targets, and a 10-pin connector for ARM targets.

Moddiy.com features a wide range of power supply connectors and pinouts. The store offers a Standard 4.2 millimeter Pitch ATX Connector and ATX Main Pin Power Cable Connector. The site also provides these connectors’ Datasheet that provides required specs in choosing the right product. The diagrams provide a guide for buyers to shop for the right hardware connector pinouts that fit in their cables.

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