What Retailers Carry Electronic Dictionaries for Kids?


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Shoppers can buy electronic dictionaries for kids at various online retailers, including Amazon.com and Walmart. Shoppers can also buy these devices from the official website of Franklin Electronics Publishers Inc. As of February 2015, electronic dictionaries and spell correctors made by Franklin Electronics Publishers Inc. are the most common.

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Amazon.com offers a large number of new and used electronic dictionary models. For some units, such as the KID-1240 and HW-1216 models, it offers free shipping on orders that exceed $35. The Franklin KID-1240 model is listed as the best-selling device and is priced at $40.99. Amazon.com also lists offers from other sellers, some of which feature lower prices than those provided by Amazon.com. For example, the price for the KID-1240 model offered by Triplenet Pricing is $39.35, along with free shipping.

Walmart provides the shoppers with a list of features, product description and specifications when perusing specific models. Similar to Amazon.com, it features user reviews. Walmart also provides free shipping, but only on orders that exceed $50. However, it does offer slightly lower prices when compared to Amazon.com. For example, the HW1216 model on Amazon.com costs $29.55, whereas the same model on Walmart costs $27.71.

The Franklin Electronics Publishers Inc. website offers electronic dictionary models for children of all school ages. Shoppers can compare different products and attach product tags to individual models to facilitate the searching process for other users.

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