How Do You Restrict Employee Website Access on an Intranet?


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Restrict employee access on an intranet by using a combination of IP security tools, such as encryption, PIN numbers and firewall settings. Setting up specific access levels for employees can also restrict access from certain pages.

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Use a firewall to prevent access from outside the intranet or from within, containing employees to the intranet itself without allowing access outside the system at all. Configure the firewall to block access to all HTTP and HTTPS traffic, then place exceptions into the software for those pages that the specific employee has access to.

Setting PIN or password access to certain pages and giving the PIN or password to the specific employees that have access to those pages is another way to prevent other employees from access that particular page. Discuss the importance of keeping the PIN or password secret with the employees that have access, though, to ensure that it remains secure.

Encrypt restricted pages and provide decryption tools only to those employees that have access to those pages to prevent unauthorized employee access. This also works well with assigning access levels to each employee, with several different encryptions used for differing employee groups. By controlling group access, the system can differentiate between employees and block access accordingly.

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