How Do You Restore the Windows Taskbar to Default?


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To restore the Windows taskbar to default, click and drag the taskbar on an empty portion of the screen. It can be placed on the top, bottom or vertically on either side of the screen.

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If you've attempted to click and drag the taskbar and it hasn't moved, this suggests that Lock the Taskbar has been enabled. To move the taskbar, click Start and then Control Panel. Locate and double-click Taskbar and Start Menu. Locate Lock the Taskbar, and ensure that the box next to it is not checked. If the box is checked, click to remove the check, and click OK. If it is not checked, click Cancel.

If these steps have not allowed you to reset the taskbar to its default position, restart your computer in safe mode. To do that, restart your computer as usual. When the boot-up process completes the Power On Self Test, hold the "CTRL" key. Depending on the version of your operating system, holding the "CTRL" key may present an error, but this error can be ignored.

When your computer has entered safe mode, the taskbar resets to its default position. Restarting your computer as normal keeps this change, at which point you may want to use the process above to Lock the Taskbar.

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