How Do You Restore a Vintage Turntable?

The exact method for restoring a vintage turntable depends on the model, but the process usually involves taking the player apart and cleaning all the parts. The turntable can then be reassembled in the original form or updated.

To restore a vintage turntable, start by removing all the old hardware, including screws, hinges and bolts. If the console has a lot of hardware, label it accordingly for reassembly. If desired, discard worn hardware, and replace it with new versions.

Pour electronic cleaning solution onto a small, clean towel. Use the towel to scrub the casing, hardware and components of the turntable. If the turntable is very dirty, it may be necessary to rinse out the towel with warm water and repeat the process. When cleaning delicate parts, such as the arm of the turntable, be gentle to avoid bending or breaking them.

Vintage record players often have worn or frayed power cords. Remove the old power supply from the player. Use a soldering iron to solder over the old connections and to attach a new power cord. If desired, follow a similar process for replacing the speakers.

Replace damaged wires, and tighten any loose ones within the player. Pull the old needle out of the arm, and set a new one in its place. Reassemble the turntable in its entirety.