How Do You Restore the Toolbar in Firefox?

How Do You Restore the Toolbar in Firefox?

To restore the toolbar in Firefox, click on the Customize button, then click on Restore Defaults. If the toolbar buttons do not reappear, reset Firefox to its default settings.

  1. Click on Customize

    Find the Menu icon located in the upper right corner of the browser window. The three solid horizontal bars appear next to the homepage icon. Click Menu, then scroll down to click on Customize.

  2. Restore the toolbar

    Clicking on Customize opens a new tab. Click on Show/Hide Toolbars to check what toolbars are hidden. Click on the Restore Defaults button, located at the bottom of the window. Click the green Exit Customize button to apply the changes. Check that the toolbar is set to the default settings.

  3. Reset Firefox to default settings

    If the toolbar is not restored, open the Menu and click on the question mark icon. From the Help menu, click on Troubleshooting Information. If you cannot find the Help menu, type in about:support in the address bar. Click the Reset Firefox button in the upper right corner of the Troubleshooting Information window. All open tabs automatically close. After the browser resets, a window pops up showing the information that was saved, which only excludes your custom themes and extensions. Click on Finish.