How Do You Restore Your Operating System to the Factory Settings?

A computer user can restore his operating system and configurations to their default settings in one of several ways. One of the easiest ways to restore Windows to its default is to access the search menu and search for the system reset utility, after backing up all files to save.

To access the Search tool, move the mouse cursor to the right edge of the screen and click the magnifying glass to open Search. Then, type "Remove everything and reinstall Windows" in the search field. This brings up the option to begin the reset process. Choose it and begin following the prompts.

Two options exist for cleaning data: quick or thorough. The quick method is useful for getting Windows up and running again in short notice. Special software might be able to recover old files. If the computer is to be sold, it's better to use the thorough cleaning. This takes longer because the utility is making a more comprehensive sweep of the hard drive.

After the reset operation is complete, Windows needs to be reinstalled, which can take some time. If the system has a Windows partition, it will install from that location. Otherwise, the user needs a Windows 8 installation disc.