How Do You Restore a Mac to Its Factory Settings?

Restore a Mac computer to its factory settings by accessing the Mac Utilities screen. While connected to the Internet, select OS X Recovery or Internet Recovery. Click Reinstall Mac OS X, and follow screen prompts to finalize the restoration.

  1. Prepare the computer

    Prepare for restoration by connecting the Mac to its AC adapter. Make sure the computer has access to the Internet via Wi-Fi or an Ethernet cable.

  2. Open the Utilities menu

    To access the Mac OS X Utilities menu, simultaneously press and hold the Command and R buttons. Continuing pressing until the Apple logo appears on the screen. After releasing the keys, the Mac OS X Utilities menu is opened.

  3. Select the appropriate option

    Review the Mac OS X Utilities menu. Depending on the operating system version, you may see OS X Recovery or Internet Recovery. Click on whichever option is available to you.

  4. Click Reinstall OS X

    After selecting recovery type, click Reinstall OS X in the newly populated menu screen. Confirm this option by pressing OK in the pop-up dialogue box.

  5. Confirm Internet connection

    You may be asked to confirm the Internet connection. Select the appropriate connection from the given options. Be prepared to enter your router username and password.

  6. Enter your Apple ID and password

    Enter your Apple ID and password to confirm the reset. After inputting this information, press OK to begin the restoration process.

  7. Restart the computer

    Restart the computer after the factory reset process has finalized.