How Do You Restore Lost Browser Favorites?

How Do You Restore Lost Browser Favorites?

You can restore lost browser favorites by importing the backup HTML file that you recently exported or the one generates automatically and stores among your operating system files. You can find the automatically generated file in the Documents and Settings folder if you use Window XP, in the Roaming folder if you use Window Vista, or in the Library folder if you use Mac OS.

If your browser is Internet Explorer, you can import the backup file by opening Wizard and clicking on Internet Explorer’s Add to Favorites button. Select Import and Export from the drop-down menu, browse to find the “bookmark.htm” file, and import it.

If your browser is Firefox, go to Bookmarks, and click Show All Bookmarks to open the Library window. Find the button for Import and Backup Your Bookmarks, and click Import Bookmarks from HTML files, and locate the files in your computer. Alternatively, click Restore, and choose from the files that Firefox automatically generates during the two most recent weeks. This option is quicker, but you can only use it for the recently added lost favorites.

If your browser is Chrome, go to Import Bookmarks and Settings under Chrome. On the pop-up window, use the drop-down menu to choose Bookmark HTML Files, and click Choose File to choose the file from your computer.

If your browser is Safari on a Mas OS, and you have Time Machine backup, go to Finder, hold down the Option key, and choose Go > Library. In Library, locate the Bookmarks.plist file where Safari stores its bookmarks. Run Time Machine, go back in time until you locate the last version of the Bookmarks.plist file, and restore.