How Do You Restore an IPhone From ICloud?

How Do You Restore an IPhone From ICloud?

How Do You Restore an IPhone From ICloud?

To restore your iPhone from an iCloud backup, first update your device to the latest version of the iOS operating system. Ensure you have a backup in your iCloud. If you have a backup, reset your device, and restore the device from the iCloud backup.

  1. Update your phone's operating system

    Tap on the Settings app on your iPhone. Select General and then Software Update. If you require a software update, download and install the latest version of iOS. You must have the latest version to restore your device from an iCloud backup.

  2. Ensure you have an iCloud backup

    Tap the Menu button to return to your Home screen. Tap Settings, then iCloud, then Storage, then Backup. The most recent backup, which has a time and date associated with it, appears at the bottom of the screen.

  3. Reset the iPhone

    From the Home screen, tap on the Settings menu again. Select General and then Reset. Choose Erase All Content and settings.

  4. Restore the iPhone using an iCloud backup

    Tap Set Up Your Device, and choose Restore from a Backup. Sign into your iCloud account when prompted. Select Choose Backup. A list of backups appear. Choose the most recent backup from the list. The iPhone is restored using that backup.