How Do You Restore Firefox Settings?


To restore Firefox to its original state, click the Reset button in the troubleshooting section. Firefox lets you restore or reset the browser if problems occur or if the browser responds slower than normal.

  1. Open Firefox

    Find the Firefox icon on your computer. Right-click the icon to open it, or double-click the icon if it is on your desktop. If the icon is in the taskbar, click it once to open the browser.

  2. Navigate to the menu

    Locate the menu button in the upper right corner of the screen; it looks like three lines on top of one another. Click the button to reveal the options.

  3. Find the help section

    Notice the icon on the bottom of the new pop-up menu. It looks like a question mark inside of a circle. Click the icon to reveal a new section with several links. Click Troubleshooting Information.

  4. Reset the browser

    Firefox opens a new tab with loads of information. Ignore most of the information on the screen; however, notice the reset button to the right of the page. Click the button to reset the browser. Once you click it, Firefox closes and resets to its original state. Click Finish, and let Firefox reopen.