How Do You Restore Your Computer to a Previous Date?

How Do You Restore Your Computer to a Previous Date?

To restore your computer to a previous date, you must use the System Restore utility of your machine. The process generally takes less than 30 minutes. If anything goes wrong,the system restore can be reversed.

  1. Prepare to restore your computer

    Save and close all open or running programs. Make a note of any recently installed programs, as a system restore may uninstall these programs. Files and folders remain unaffected and do not require any special attention.

  2. Access System Restore

    To access System Restore on Windows Vista or Windows 7, click on the Start button, and type System Restore in the search bar. In the results list, click on System Restore to open the wizard. If asked for administrative confirmation or an administrator password, provide the requested information before continuing. If using Windows 8, right-click on the Start button, then select System. On the left, select System Protection, then System Restore to open the wizard.

  3. Activate System Restore

    Follow the directions provided until you reach the restore points list. You may use the recommended restore point, or select another option if your issue has been going on for longer. Continue following the directions until you reach a message informing you that the system restore can't be interrupted once it has begun. Select yes, and allow your computer to perform the system restore and reboot. Do not attempt to manually shut down your machine until after you receive a message indicating whether your system restore was successful.