How Do You Restore an Acer Laptop to Factory Settings?

To restore an Acer laptop to its factory settings from within Windows, go to the Start menu, and navigate to the Acer eRecovery Management program to launch it. Then, click on the Restore button, and click Completely Restore System to Factory Defaults. When asked for confirmation, select Yes, and then click on Start and OK. When the laptop restarts, click Next, and then click Next again. Finally, click OK to start the process.

Wait for a confirmation screen once the restore process completes, and click OK to restart the laptop. After Windows restarts, wait a few minutes for the restore process to complete, and the laptop should then restart again. After the reboot, select the appropriate settings in Windows' initial setup. Windows then completes the final phase of the restore process.

If the laptop has a problem booting into Windows, access the Acer eRecovery Management tool during the booting process. To do so, restart the laptop, press Alt and F10 when the Acer logo displays on the screen, and press Enter if prompted by the Microsoft Windows boot screen. After the Acer eRecovery Management application loads, follow the steps as outlined to carry out the factory reset. As a precaution, make a backup of your important files before starting the restore process.