How Do I Restore My Acer Laptop to the Default Factory Settings?

Factory resetting your PC is important if you plan to recycle or sell it. The directions for resetting a PC depend on the type of operating system it is running, not the brand of the PC. Windows has a wizard that helps you reset your PC back to factory settings, all you have to do is navigate there.

  1. Click the settings icon

    Find the settings icon, which is found in your Windows 8 menu.

  2. Find Update and Recovery at the bottom of the side menu

    After you get into settings, there is a side menu that comes up next to your profile page. Update and Recovery is at the very bottom of this menu.

  3. Go down to Recovery on the side menu

    After you click Update and Recovery, another side menu pops up. Recovery is at the bottom of this new list.

  4. Choose Remove everything and reinstall Windows

    In the white space next to the side menu, three options should appear. You want the middle option, which is Remove everything and reinstall Windows.

  5. Follow the prompts

    After you click the Get Started button under Remove everything and reinstall Windows, follow the prompts on the screen. This restores your Acer PC back to factory settings.