What Resources for Literacy Are Offered by KidBiz 3000?


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KidBiz 3000 is a program that gives educators the tools necessary to help students read at the appropriate level. The program employs a 5-step system to incorporate various literacy resources designed to maximize a student's ability to learn according to the maker of the program, Achieve 3000.

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The program includes article readings, polls, thought questions, activities and email interactions to encourage involvement and understanding of the materials, Achieve 3000 claims. Each component is a critical part of the overall process. The articles provide the basis of the learning materials and are written about diverse subject matter to hold students' interest. Subject include everything from insects to current events. The activities and thought questions encourage analysis and foster creative thinking, so students truly understand what they are reading.

Finally, the email and poll portions are designed to give students a voice and provide educators with valuable feedback on lessons. This can help start in classroom discussions and alert teachers to any issues a student may have with the material. This is important, as many students have slight learning disabilities that are not immediately noticeable. All portions of the program can be tailored to each student's individual needs, so learning is customizable.

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