What Resources Exist to Help Activate Specific Software and Programs?


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Examples of online resources that help users activate specific software include Microsoft.com for Microsoft products and SmartTech.com for SMART software, as of August 2015. Users of Freedom Scientific software can get assistance activating their products at the FSActivate page on FreedomScientific.com.

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At Microsoft.com, Windows users can activate Windows or Office products. Microsoft typically requires the Installation ID of the software product. The activation procedure can be conducted over the Internet or over the phone. Over the Internet, the procedure has minimal or no user interaction. Over the telephone, users can either use Microsoft's automated phone system or speak with a customer care representative.

At the Software Activation page on SmartTech.com, users of SMART software can register their products, retrieve their product keys or get an activation code for manual activation. However, to receive an activation code, a user must submit his product key and his installation ID.

At the FSActivate page on FreedomScientific.com, users of Freedom Scientific products can retrieve their activation license codes, request to reset the number of activations allowed for their products or verify the number of activation keys available for their products. The page also gives instructions on how users can activate their products using the Internet Licence Manager system.

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